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Antifreezing and Emergency Measures for Peach Orchard in Spring

Low temperature and late spring cold will do some harm to the body of all
kinds of fruit trees, lead to disease of the tree body, and affect the growth
and yield of fruit trees. At present, most fruit tree varieties have sprouted,
pumped or flowered and fruited, and their roots have begun to move. At this
time, freezing injury at low temperature will lead to freezing death of fruit
buds, freeze-drying of new shoots and buds, loss of water in branches and vines,
which will cause the death of the whole plant in serious cases, and bring great
losses to the production of various fruit trees. It is particularly important to
do a good job of orchard freeze prevention and post-disaster remediation.

Antifreezing Measures of Peach Frost

1. Orchard smoking. When the temperature drops to 2 degrees before the frost
occurs, the stack of straw in the upper air outlet of the orchard is ignited to
cover the whole orchard with smoke and prevent frost damage.

2. Irrigation. Because the specific heat capacity of water is large, it can
regulate the change of temperature. With the increase of soil moisture content
after irrigation, the air near the ground will not suddenly cool, so irrigation
before frost can prevent or mitigate the harm of frost.

3. Spraying nutritional conditioner. It can not only increase the strength of
trees, improve the frost resistance, but also play a role in promoting
pollination, preserving flowers and fruits.

4. Ignite anti-freeze candles. Before the frost, buy a lot of anti-freeze
and arrange it between peach trees. We are a professional anti-freeze
candles manufacturer
. If you don't know how to arrange anti-freeze candles,
please feel free to contact us.

Remedial Measures of Frost in Peach Garden

1. Stop flower thinning and fruit thinning, and wait for fruit to be
stabilized, and then leave it according to the situation of injury, fruit
setting and tree potential.

2. Strengthen the management of water and fertilizer. When the temperature of
the orchard is stable, the management of water and fertilizer should be
strengthened, and the frozen branches and frozen flowers should be cut off to
promote the growth and callus.

3. Disease control, peach often induces various diseases after freezing,
especially rotten dry rot disease should be timely prevented and cured, smeared
with fungicides.

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