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Protect your vineyards and orchards from frost

Today there is a simple and very effective alternative for frost protection
of your vineyards and orchards: The TaBo anti-frost candles! With a gain from 2
to 7° depending on the quantities. Due to the warming of the air, your crops are
rapidly protected from frost. TaBo develops and manufactures anti-frost candles
for protection of orchards and vineyards against frosting. While burning the
candles increase the temperature of the air by heating and a protective blanket
of smoke that prevents heat loss. Our candles raise the air temperature up to 7
degrees depending on the quantity of used candles and weather conditions.

The weather in April can be a challenge for Swiss farmers, winemakers and
stone fruit growers. Two hundred anti-frost candles per hectare are necessary to
raise the temperature by two to three degrees and protect the fruit from the

To achieve effective protection, we recommend 200 to 500 antifrost candlles
per hectare according to weather conditions.

The TaBo against frost candle acts as a vine heater heating the air in crops,
while stopping temperatures from dropping. For frost control in your vineyards,
and your orchards, the TaBo against frost candles offer a great protection gel /
price ratio.

Without expensive equipment such as antifreeze coolant, eollienne or other
polluting oil heaters, the installation of our against frost candles requires no
handling precautions! Simply place the candles between plants or trees, then
light the wicks for an almost immediate result. When temperatures go up again
simply close the cans to turn them off until the next cold spell.

The composition of our against frost candles is wax, natural and renewable, a
product without risk of self-ignition or explosion. One can store the pallets of
candles on several heights to gain maximum reuse of space until the following
year. Antifrost candles are made of paraffin blend filled in metal sheets with a
handle and a lid. Candles burning time is 10 to 12 hours for a 4 kg candle in
compliance with the instructions for use. There is no expiry date.

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