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About TaBo anti-frost candles

Anti frost candles in a metal bucket are an effective, powerful and safety weapon against frost. They are a product to protect all types of crops, orchards from vineyards. They are also very useful for restoring the plant from any type of stress caused by low temperatures. Used in a timely manner, the crops are saved from the unfavorable climatic conditions. Anti frost candles in metal buckets are made from 100% natural paraffin, thanks to which they have very low smoke emissions. They are fast flammable, with a combustion time is 9 – 11 hours, clean and easy to use, insoluble in water. This is product without expiration date. It can be used up to 4 – 6 times. Anti-frost candles are placed along the intersection of the fruit trees / vineyards and the amount of candles that are needed depends on the temperature intensity. The product heats the air around the crops by about + 7 ° C. Wind and drizzling can’t extinguish the flame. This is a product not subject to the CE marking. There are 165 candles against frost on one pallet.

Before 3 years based on request and needs of our clients we start to produce our new product Anti frost candle. We believe that, as with our candles, we touch the hearts of people and bring light and comfort to their homes, so we can help your work by taking care of your gardens and orchards in the cold days!

We started our activity for household, tealight candles, rustic and decorative candles and wicks.

Anti-frost candles

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