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How to protect your vineyard or orchard from frost?

Frost is a particuarly big risk for cool climate wine regions, where it can
severely damage the newly emerging buds.

In Champagne, losses of 20% in some areas and up to 50% in others have been
reported by vineyard managers recently. It also is a frequent problem in areas
like Chablis, the Loire and also the UK. But the past week has seen hundreds of
hectares damaged much further south, too, in places like Languedoc-Roussillon on
the Mediterranean coast.

So you’ve chosen the right varieties, picked the best site, employ delayed
pruning and there’s a late frost being predicted tonight. Now what do you do?
It’s true that sometimes, despite your best efforts, a late frost will come and
threaten the beautiful baby green leaves and flower clusters that are growing so
nicely on your vines. This is when frost intervention is the only option. It’s
you waging war against the weather to protect your babies. In commercial
vineyards in France, growers will line the vineyard rows with vineyards
anti-freeze candles and start fires in them. They stay out all night tending the
fires to keep the cold air from settling down on the vineyard.

It effect, and be used every year. When you are searching for a good way to
protect your vineyard or orchard trees, they have got more safe and cheap way to
make more yield.

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