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How to prepare for the antifreeze in the orchard?

1. In the winter when the skillful irrigation water: after picking fruit for
one and a half months, digging trenches between the rows of fruit trees, and
then through the ditch to penetrate the water. The amount of water should be
infiltrated before entering the night. Before entering the winter, the fruit
trees should be irrigated 1 or 2 times, so that water can be used to raise
temperature, increase temperature and reduce freezing damage.

2. After the winter, the roots and grasses should be covered in time: after
the winter, the wheat straw, straw, corn stalks and the like are evenly covered
between the rows of fruit trees, which can block the cold wind from invading the
rhizome, reduce the freezing damage, and reduce the evaporation of soil water to
protect the temperature. After the action, and the cover rots, it can also
become an organic fertilizer for tree growth. Before covering, you can firstly
soil the roots of the fruit trees by 10 to 20 cm, which is more effective
against cold intrusion, especially in young trees, to avoid freezing damage.

3. The tree body wrapped around the grass rope: before entering the winter,
wrapped with straw rope on the trunk or the main branch, can prevent cold wind
invasion, but also reduce the loss of trunk water. Before winding, it is best to
immerse the entangled material in lime water for 1-2 days to disinfect and
prevent the pests from invading the fruit trees.

4. Whitening: The formula of white paint is: 10 parts of quicklime, 1~2 parts
of salt, 35-40 parts of water. The lime is turned off with water, slag is
removed, poured into brine, and stirred evenly. Evenly whitening the trunk and
main branches of the fruit tree can prevent freezing, sunburn, and killing
germs, eggs and adults hidden in the trunk. It can also be used to wrap young
branches with weeds and plastic film, and it can also play a role in

5. Orchard smoked: should be used in the coldest night in winter. At about 11
o'clock in the cold night, at the corner of the wind orchard, use firewood, rice
husks, clam shells, sawdust, litter, etc. as fuel (note the control of the
fire), smoky fire, so that the smoke covers the whole The garden, let the smoke
cover the entire park.

6. Skillfully applying grass ash to increase fertilizer and increase
temperature: The plant ash is rich in certain potassium, and it is applied to
the orchard soil in winter, which not only looses the soil, absorbs heat and
heat, reduces freezing damage, but also provides potassium, phosphorus, calcium
and silicon for fruit trees. And a variety of mineral nutrients. Generally,
200-300 kg of wood ash per acre of orchard is applied, and the soil can be
applied to the soil 3 to 5 cm deep, but generally the orchard with larger
saline-alkali is not suitable for application.

7. Binding the windbreak fence and setting up the wind barrier: the terrain
is flat. On the northwest side of the orchard, branches and hay are used to
construct a windproof fence or windshield that is about 1 meter high to protect
the root neck from freezing. For small-area young orchards, sorghum and corn
stalks can be used to set up wind barriers every 2 to 3 rows of saplings.

8. Protect the wound: the wound is larger, usually wrapped in a plastic film
a few times in the wound of the fruit branch, pay attention to the closure when
the binding is tight, this method can promote wound healing and fruit tree
antifreeze, timely loosening after winter.

9. Add against frost candles to the orchard in time. The against spring frost
keep the temperature of the orchard at night constant. If you don't find
a suitable orchard anti freeze candles factory, TaBo will be your best
choice. We have a professional team and rich experience in the production of
antifreeze wax for orchards. Our orchard antifreeze wax burns longer than other
antifreeze waxes.

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