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Antifrost candles used for cold weather

Late frosts with negative temperatures occur from time to time. It gets particularly cold between 4 a.m. until shortly after sunrise. The vegetation can already flourish and the first flowering can be observed. The flowers in viticulture and fruit growing freeze in such nights, which can lead to high crop losses. This is where the antifrost candle can help.

The anti frost candle has a high efficiency and can raise the temperatures above freezing point when used correctly. The burning time is approx. 10 hours per candle.

Against frost candle is produced in China from recycled paraffin wax from candle industry.

Short transport routes.

High availability of products.

The antifreeze candle is delivered in a tin bucket with lid. The application is very simple. The antifreeze candle must be placed on a level surface to ensure safe burning. The cardboard wick is lit in the bucket with a Bunsen burner or a torch. To extinguish the candle, the lid is put back on and the flame suffocates (please observe the burning instructions).

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