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How to prevent frost damage after the snow in the orchard?

1. Clear snow

After the snow, it is necessary to remove the snow on the branches of the
fruit in time to prevent the branches from bending and breaking due to excessive
snow. If the break has occurred, the general manager of the tree should be
sterilized and disinfected to protect the wound, prevent the wound from rot and
virus infection, and promote the growth of the fruit tree.

2. Orchard fumigation

After clearing the snow, you can use the method of fumigation to heat the
orchard. Smoked smoke for 2 to 3 consecutive nights, can play a good role in
cold and frost protection. After the fruit trees are painted with white, the
trunk and main branches should be evenly coated with whitening agent in time to
make the temperature of the tree body change stable, preventing freezing and
sunburn, and killing germs, eggs and adults in the trunk.

3. Filling and sealing frozen water

For fruit farmers who fail to fill the frozen water before winter, the fruit
trees should be filled with frozen water before freezing in the snow, which can
promote the growth and development of the fruit trees, and keep the ground
temperature relatively stable during the winter, thus reducing the freezing

4. Vineyards antifrost candles warming

For cold weather after snowing, it is still necessary for fruit trees to
prevent freezing damage. The vineyards antifreeze candles can prevent the fruit
trees from suffering unnecessary freezing, so it can also guarantee the output
of the orchard. If your orchard is often hit by cold weather, please prepare
some vineyards antifreeze candles. As a professional vineyards antifreeze
candles manufacturer
, we sell vineyards antifreeze candles to the world. In the
future you will see more and more orchards or vineyards piled up with antifreeze
candles in the winter.

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