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How does the orchard solve the problem of freezing damage?

How does the orchard solve the problem of freezing damage? Antifrost candles can be selected. Because the orchard in winter or early spring is basically in
the stage of fruit tree recovery and reserve nutrients, as the weather slowly
turns cold, the fruit trees will also enter the winter dormant period. The
anti-freezing management of fruit trees in the winter dormancy period can be
said to ensure that the fruit trees are not affected by frost damage during the
winter and the normal flowering results and high yield in the second year.

At the beginning of winter and early spring, the weather changes most
frequently, and fruit trees are also the most susceptible to freezing damage.
Once the fruit tree freezes, the cells inside the tree will be damaged, tissue
necrosis, and the branches will be susceptible to freezing damage. The damage
will be caused by pests and diseases, the normal absorption of roots will be
hindered, and the second year will cause flower bud differentiation and
flowering pollination. It directly causes the reduction of the yield and fruit
quality of the orchard. In more serious cases, it will cause the problem of
"years and years" in the orchard or the phenomenon of dead trees.

For example, the freezing damage of the branches will be black or dead, the
frost damage of the tree will be easy to crack, the death of the big branches,
the freezing damage of the roots will lead to shrinkage, germination, peeling
and peeling of the cortex and wood, and even death of the whole tree. The
freezing of the flower buds will lead to pollination or flower bud freezing.
Death, large production losses and other serious losses.

So if you want to be effective in preventing or mitigating freezing damage,
we recommend that you use China vineyards antifrost candles.

The majority of fruit farmers must be vigilant, do a good job in all aspects
of protection management measures in advance of winter, to ensure that the fruit
trees complete the winter and smooth winter, use orchards antifrost candles in
advance for winter!

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