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Choosing the Right Freeze Protection to Protect Your Orchard

Constant changes in the environment have caused temperatures to drop below zero in some areas not normally affected by frost. Crops such as citrus trees and grape vines are vulnerable to frost damage in these temperature conditions. Frost damage plants, severe defoliation, frostbite buds, and severe branches will appear withered and cracked. It can even lead to fruit cracking, rotten fruit and jelly browning. Frost-damaged crops are also prone to disease, which seriously affects the yield of fruit, and even freezes the entire plant to death. Therefore, we must not only choose suitable ecological zones for planting crops, but also take antifreeze measures according to climate changes, so that the fruits can survive the winter safely.

Choose the right crop and planting area

Try growing citrus in a leeward sunny area. If the geographical conditions are not ideal, windbreaks can be set up around the orchard. Planting fast-growing trees around the orchard will reduce the wind speed and achieve the effect of cold protection.

Choose anti-frost candles lighting

This is one of the most cost-effective methods of frost protection and is increasingly used by orchard and vineyard managers. If you need to protect your orchard or vineyard from frost, contact us today to order anti-frost candles.

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