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Orchard winter management techniques

Winter is a critical period for the management of our orchard. Due to the
cold weather and bad weather in some areas, it is easy to cause the water of the
fruit trees to disperse too fast, which leads to the wilting of the branches and
the slow germination. In severe cases, the branches will die or the whole tree
will appear. The phenomenon of death. So how do we manage the orchard in winter?
Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to learn about winter orchard management

First, cultivation management

1. Pay attention to the density of branches and enhance the ventilation and
light transmission ability, which is conducive to the normal development of
shoots and shoots.

2, pay attention to the reasonable mix of nutrition, late growth (after
August) to ban nitrogen fertilizer, more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.
Nitrogen fertilizer is easy to cause fruit trees to be "greedy", which is not
conducive to the maturity of branches, and phosphate fertilizer can promote
flower bud differentiation. Potassium fertilizer can promote the maturity of
branches and enhance the resistance of trees.

3, intercropping crops with dwarf stalks, fall in love with autumn,
nitrogen-capable legumes, and reasonable supply of water.

Second, the prevention and control of pests

During the growing season of fruit trees, attention should be paid to the
prevention and control of leaf-feeding pests and deciduous diseases. In the
later stage of growth, the spawning hazards of leaf mites can be controlled. In
the whole season, the insecticides can be sprayed 1~2 times in the whole garden
to reduce the spawning of young leaves. The wound caused.

Third, winter and spring antifreeze measures

1, irrigation antifreeze

Preserving anti-freezing water before winter, and re-injecting green water
during spring, is conducive to improving the water condition of the tree,
buffering the temperature difference of the orchard and the change of air
humidity caused by sudden changes in climate in winter and spring.

2, painted white

Use salt 1kg + quicklime 3.5 ~ 5kg + 45kg of water to form a salt lime
emulsion, whitening the trunk, reduce the absorption of solar energy by the
tree, and delay the sprouting of the tree.

3, spraying

Before the germination of the fruit trees, spray 0.25% to 0.5% of potassium
naphthaleneacetate solution on the branches to inhibit flower bud germination
and improve cold resistance;

Before the spring cold and night frost come, spray 0.3%~0.6% potassium
dihydrogen phosphate solution on the sprouting fruit tree to enhance the cold
resistance of the flower.

4, buy anti frost candles

Prepare ample anti frost candles for your orchard before watching the cold
weather. Our anti frost candles can burn more than 8 hours per barrel. If you
need to buy against spring frost candles, please feel free to contact us.

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