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Winter Orchard Management Technology

In winter, the temperature dropped, and the fruit trees entered the winter
dormancy period. The pests and diseases of the orchard also entered the
wintering period. Winter is a good opportunity to control pests and diseases in
orchards. It is suitable for autumn and winter clearing, whitening, tillage and
chemical prevention. It can destroy the wintering environment of pests and
diseases, effectively reduce the number of pests and diseases in orchards, and
reduce the pressure for pest control in the coming year. Therefore, all
localities should increase publicity and organization, do a good job in the
implementation of key technologies for winter orchard management, and lay a
solid foundation for improving quality and efficiency of fruits and reducing
pesticide use.

The first thing to do is to clean the orchard. Combined with the pruning of
fruit trees in winter, timely cut off and pick up the residual branches and
leaves, diseased foliage and pests and fruits in the garden, and bring them out
of the orchard for deep burial, smashing or burning to prevent pathogens and
wintering eggs remaining in diseased leaves and diseased fruits. Staying in the
park became the source of infection at the beginning of the year. The orchard in
which the peach blight has occurred should be strictly cleared of the garden,
and all the diseased branches should be removed as much as possible. Grapes
should be cut off tendrils and residual fruit stems to reduce the source of
infections such as black vaccinia, gray mold and anthracnose. Orchards with
heavier diseases should pay attention to the disinfection of the pruning tools
to prevent cross-infection.

Secondly, the branches should be painted white. Whitening the branches can
reduce sunburn and freezing damage, improve the disease resistance of fruit
trees, and destroy the wintering places of pests and diseases. The stone sulphur
whitening agent may be prepared by using lime, stone sulphur, salt, water, etc.
in a ratio of 6:1:1:20 after the leaves of the fruit tree are frozen, or a
special whitening agent may be used. The position is mainly based on the base of
the trunk. It is applied from the top to the bottom at a height of about 1
meter. It is mainly applied to the south of the trunk and the sunny part of the
tree trunk. The conditional orchard can be painted white after scraping the
rough old skin.

Third, we must strengthen the protection of pharmaceuticals. After the
orchard is trimmed, a protective agent can be applied to the trimming mouth to
promote healing and prevent the wound from cracking.

Finally, pay attention to cold and warm. Fruit trees are the same as people,
and they also need to keep warm. As a professional anti-freeze candles manufacturer, we recommend that you buy orchards antifrost candles every October-March. Avoid fruit trees from freezing damage and increase orchard yield.

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