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Remedial measures to be taken after the occurrence of cold spring

1. Artificial assisted pollination

For flowers that are not frozen and open, artificial supplementary
pollination should be carried out in time. This requires pre-collection of
pollen for later use.

2. Strengthen fertilizer and water management

Especially in the low-lying areas where freezing damage is serious, take time
to pursue the quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer, timely watering to promote the
growth of fruit trees, and preserve the unfrozen flowers and fruits.

3. Spray foliar fertilizer

When the cold spring is cold and the leaves are not bad, the leaf surface
fertilizer should be sprayed in time, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate,
which can enhance the photosynthetic efficiency of the leaves and produce
nutrients to ensure the normal growth of the fruit trees.

Taking the large cherry orchard suffered from cold spring prevention and
post-disaster recovery as an example

The large cherry flower is early, and it is very vulnerable to the spring
frost. It is caused by freezing and freezing at the flowering stage. It is
observed that the weak tree is frozen and the robust tree is lightly frozen. The
natural happy shape is frozen and the spindle is frozen. The pupa and the lower
young fruit of the tree are frozen and the young fruit of the upper part of the
tree is lightly frozen.

It can be seen that after the fruit trees have suffered from the cold, you
need to spend a lot of energy and money to save your orchard. However, most
sensible orchard managers will choose to purchase large quantities of antifrost
in bulk before the cold spring comes and prepare for adequate
antifreeze. It will not only prevent the cold damage effectively, but also
ensure your sleep quality.

If you need to prepare for the next year's fruit trees, don't hesitate to buy
our antifreeze candles.

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