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How to prevent freezing of pear tree flowering?

Spring cold and frost are very harmful to pear trees. Generally, pear trees
encounter -4.0 °C in the flower bud stage and -2.3 °C ~ -2.9 °C in the flowering
stage, which lasts for more than half an hour, and the flower organs are subject
to freezing damage. After being frozen, the pear tree is usually characterized
by poor pollination, dry head death, filaments or ovary browning. To prevent
freezing damage during the flowering period of pear trees, the following
measures should be taken:

1. The trunk of the early spring is painted white. In the early spring, the
main tree is white coated with self-adapting whitening agent, which can
effectively reduce the absorption of solar heat, delay germination and
flowering, and have the functions of preventing cold and freezing, preventing
the pests from spawning. The preparation method of the whitening agent is: 5 kg
of quicklime, 0.5 kg of sulfur powder, 1.5 kg of salt, 0.1 kg of vegetable oil,
0.5 kg of flour, and 15 kg of water. In the preparation, the lime and salt are
separately heated with hot water, stirred into a paste, and then sulfur powder,
vegetable oil and flour are added, and finally the water is added and

2. Watering before flowering, spraying water during flowering. Watering in
the spring 10 days before flowering of pear trees can significantly reduce
ground temperature and delay germination. After germination and then watering
for 1 or 2 times before flowering, it is generally possible to delay flowering
for 3-4 days. The irrigation can increase the ground temperature before the cold
spring, which can prevent and reduce the freezing damage. At the time of the
arrival of the frost, the water spray method is used to improve the local
microclimate, increase the temperature, and prevent freezing.

3. The fumigation method. In the flowering period of pear trees, the smoke
method can be used to prevent frost, and the effect is very good.

4. The orchard puts bees. The bee colony was introduced 3 to 4 days before
the flowering period of the pear tree, and a box of bees was placed in 4 to 5

5. Spray antifreeze for fruit trees. Spray the fruit tree antifreeze 1 to 2
days before the arrival of the cold and night cream. Spraying 0.4% potassium
dihydrogen phosphate and 0.2% borax solution on the fruit tree can enhance the
cold resistance of the flower, reduce the cold and damage, and increase the
fruit setting rate.

6. Ignite anti-freeze candles. This method is similar to the fumigation
method, but it is more effective than the fumigation method. The smoke method
lasts for a short time, which does not work at night. Once the vineyards
antifrost candle
is ignited, it can continue to burn for more than 8 hours.
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