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How to prepare the orchard for freezing?

Qingming Festival is the season when spring blossoms. It is precisely the
season when a large number of fruit trees are about to blossom. In outdoor
sports, it always feels cold. It is warm and cold at first. The cold in late
spring is very destructive to agricultural production. Serious phenomena can
cause agricultural production to reduce or even stop production. Late spring
cold is especially harmful to fruit trees, especially to some early flowering
fruit trees, such as apricots, cherries, kiwifruit and other fruit trees, which
are extremely harmful, and even freeze all the flowers, causing some small
fruits to fall off. How to do a good job of antifreezing in orchards?

First, to prevent the damage of late spring cold to fruit trees, wrap up the
trunks of fruit trees with straw or other crop straw, but don't wrap them too
tightly, prevent the cold from freezing in late spring, cause damage to the
trunks of fruit trees, or use high-iron as a result to cover the surrounding
fruit trees, the effect is good.

Secondly, you can light a bonfire in the orchard, use some sawdust, rotten
leaves, rotten branches and so on, try not to use open fire, let the smoke blow
to the whole orchard, so as to reduce the cold in late spring, which has a good
effect, usually ignite at about 11:00 every night for 2 to 3 hours, can play a
role in preventing cold in late spring.

Thirdly, according to the weather forecast in time, we must take some
necessary measures to prevent damage to fruit trees caused only by late spring
and cold in advance, so as to ensure the output of fruit in one year and the
benefit of planting. At present, the late spring cold is coming. I hope fruit
farmers can do a good job of the damage to fruit trees caused by the late spring
cold, and timely take appropriate measures to prevent the late spring cold
according to the local measures to prevent the late spring cold. Generally, we
can take a variety of measures to prevent and control the late spring cold
together to reduce the damage to fruit trees caused by the late spring cold.

Fourth, prepare enough orchards antifreeze candle in advance. When the cold
of late spring comes, place the orchards antifreeze candle well. When fruit
trees need it, you just need to light them. As a professional orchard antifreeze
candle factory
, we have sold orchards antifreeze candle all over the world.
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