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How to prevent frost in orchards?

March is the season of spring blossom and the recovery of all things. Usually
this time will occur late spring cold. So in this case, how should the orchard's
anti-freezing work be carried out?

First, we can put a plastic bag on the fruit tree. This kind of bag is
especially cheap in workmanship and not very expensive in investment. Even a bag
or old film can be used at home to wrap the trunk in three rounds. Then, outside
the fruit tree, tie a loop after loop of woven bags. In this way, fruit trees
can be completely effective in freezing prevention.

Then you can also water the fruit trees. At this time, remember to water the
fruit trees with the kind of well water you've drilled in your own field,
because the well water is still at room temperature after it's drilled out.
After all, the fruit tree has passed a cold winter, and the energy stored in its
body is not much, and its immunity is also very low. After being watered with
warm water, the immunity of the fruit tree itself will be greatly enhanced.

Can fruit trees fully resist cold weather in late spring by virtue of their
own resistance? The answer is No. It is necessary to raise the ambient
temperature of fruit trees. And our antifrost candles just meets the needs of
fruit trees. This is also one of the measures most orchard managers take. If you
are looking for an antifreeze candle factory, please contact us in time. The
orchards antifreeze candle is scheduled for next year in October.

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