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Winter cold and antifreeze measures in orchards

Strong cold air will affect the output of orchard, so the orchard tea garden
base should be well protected against freezing and cold.

1. Rational fertilization, improve the ability of fruit trees to resist cold.
Orchard should be based on organic fertilizer, apply more than 1500 kg of
organic fertilizer per acre, and apply 200-300 kg of plant ash, nitrogen,
phosphorus, potassium and micro-fertilizer. After fertilization, shallowly
plowing 5-10 cm, turning the fertilizer into the soil, loosening the soil,
facilitating the heat absorption and heat preservation of the soil, enhancing
the wintering resistance of the fruit trees, and reducing the freezing

2. The foundation soil. Before winter, the roots and stems of the fruit tree
are covered with dry and loose soil to cover about 30 cm thick, which can
effectively protect the fruit trees and tea gardens from freezing damage.

3. The orchard is covered with grass and mulch. Planting perennial white
flowers clover, grass seeds and other grasses in spring and autumn, the method
of covering the mulch on the ground of young fruit trees, using straw and weed
covering gardens can play a moisturizing and heat preservation effect, and
prevent the root layer of fruit trees from being frozen.

4. The fruit tree trunk is painted white. 10 parts of water, 3 parts of
quicklime, 0.5 parts of stone sulphur solution stock solution, 0.5 parts of
salt, and evenly spread the main stem after mixing.

5. Spray antifreeze. For green leaf fruit trees, 0.1-0.3% potassium hydride,
1.5% potassium sulphate, or “anti-cold” spray saplings are applied to the
foliage before the freezing damage.

6. Winter pruning. Before the winter, the fruit tree is cut and trimmed to
cut off the frost-resistant shoots, enhance the cold resistance of the tree
body, and reduce the freezing damage.

7. Purchase a certain amount of vineyards antifreeze candles before the cold
weather. When encountering cold weather, set antifreeze candles in the orchard.
Anti-freeze candles can burn for more than 8 hours at night and you can have a
good night's sleep when you light the anti-freeze candles.

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