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Fruit trees affected by freezing damage

The branches and roots of fruit trees are damaged to varying degrees, which
are characterized by late spring germination, irregular germination, weak growth
of new shoots, poor flower bud differentiation, and low fruit set rate.

1. Specifically, the performance on the branches is: the appearance of the
lighter looks no change, the branches are cut, the brown parts in the pith and
the xylem are brown, but the formation layer is still green, and the heavy layer
and the xylem are all brown, and the frozen layer is sunken or Cracking, even
internal tissues die.

2. In the rhizome, the cortex turns black and dies, but the light occurs in
the local part, and the black ring forms in the black, encircling the trunk for
one week, and the whole plant dies.

3. The performance on the buds is: light buds are slightly dry, slightly
shrinking and small, spring germination is late, yellowing and thin after
germination; severe buds are severely contracted, buds become dry, easy to fall
off, and can not germinate in spring. When the flower bud is seriously damaged,
the whole tree flower buds die dry, or the interior becomes brown, and the base
of the scale becomes brown. Sometimes the flower primordium is frozen or a part
of the flower primordium is frozen, causing the flower to develop slowly or
deform. In severe cases, all flower buds die from freezing. In the case of
light, the internal tissues become brown, causing the flower organs to develop
retarded or deformed, affecting pollination and results, resulting in severe
reduction in production.

4. The performance on the root system: the surface of the light roots died,
the main roots were normal, the deep roots did not die, the heavy roots mostly
died, the deep roots partially absorbed roots, the roots were shaved, and the
outer cortex became brown, and the cortex was separated from the xylem. Even
falling off.

After the fruit trees are frozen, the resistance is weakened, such as kiwi,
citrus, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., root rot is easy to occur, apples and
other rots are prone to occur, sputum and other stalk-based rots are prone to
occur, and kiwi, walnut, etc. are prone to ulcer disease. The symptoms are
severe and cause the plant to die.

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