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Antifrost candles can protect your fruit from frost

The antifreeze candle is a very responsible choice when it comes to frost protection. This is because the fuel used is 100% biofuel. The wick is made from recycled cardboard and the anti frost candle has very low smoke emissions. Even the pallets on which the anti-frost candles are delivered are made of wood from responsibly managed forests in France.

The preference is to place 350 to 400 against frost candles per hectare. On a frost night, 200 to 250 anti freeze candles can then be lit first. The others can be lit according to the development of the temperature. The table below shows practical examples.

In addition to the high durability of the antifrost candle, the candle is also easy to use in practice. Setting the candles down in the orchard easily and the orchard remains clean. Lighting the candles is very easy.

Because there are no sparks, the anti-frost candle is good to use under hail and/or foil systems.

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