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Orchard uses pit-type antifreeze to prevent freezing

In order to effectively prevent the freezing damage of apple flowering
period, the Fruit Industry Bureau of Baota District, Yan'an City, Shaanxi
Province, through practice, summed up a new way of anti-freezing of smoke and
smoke – the pit-type anti-freeze.

The method has the advantages of large smoke, long duration, easy
construction, easy operation and good effect. The specific criteria are as

First, the location and quantity of anti-freeze construction

It should be determined according to the wind direction and the size of the
wind. The wind above level 3 is set at the upper lee of the orchard (the
windward direction of the orchard is determined according to the wind direction
of the night of cooling), and the coverage of the smog is increased, 5-8 per
acre; wind or windless weather below level 2 should be Orchard, east and west,
north plum, and plum blossoms, 6-10 per mu.

The pit-type antifreeze is divided into two types: flat land and mountain.
According to the space (width and length) of the orchard, combined with the
cooling rate and the low temperature duration, the number of distribution points
and the size of the antifreeze are adjusted.

Second, the construction of anti-freeze

Dig a pit of 1.5 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width and 1.2 meters in
depth or a circular pit with a diameter of 1.5 meters and a depth of 1.2 meters.
A 0.3 m wide air duct is dug at the bottom of the raft, and the air passages are
at the same level as the vents. Prepare a small wooden board slightly larger
than the vent. After the bottom stalk is burned through, use the wooden board to
adjust the size of the vent, control the best effect of burning to achieve the
smoke, and extend the duration of the smoke.

Third, the benefits of pit-type anti-freeze

1. The smoke is big. In the past, the way of smoking was exposed to the
surrounding area, burning fast, and there were many open fires, and the
generated smoke was small and small. Antifreeze can increase smoke by 10-20
times compared to past smoke.

2. Long time. The same material uses a pit-type fume, which can increase the
duration by 5-10 times.

3. The investment is small. A smoke bomb can cover 1-2 mu, lasting 2 hours,
cost 240 yuan, anti-freezing 8 hours per mu requires 500 yuan, but the soil pit
smoked material is orchard waste, convenient, easy, and sufficient. It can be
taken locally and does not require capital investment.

4. Easy to operate. The pit-type anti-freeze process is simple and does not
require any high-tech materials. Anyone with working ability can build it in the
orchard anytime and anywhere.

5. Easy to promote. This technology can be promoted in all fruit production
areas in China, without geographical restrictions, without material
restrictions, low cost and easy to promote.

6. High efficiency. The method has the advantages of large smoke, good effect
and long duration, and can obviously prevent freezing.

7. Strong continuity. On the one hand, according to the antifreeze demand,
the fuel can be continuously smoked at any time to increase the duration. On the
other hand, it has been built for many years.

In addition to the pit-type antifreeze, it can release smoke, and there are
mobile smokers made of oil drums:

The iron drum is sawn into two pieces, and a venting opening of about 30 cm
is opened under each oil drum, and then the oil drum is filled with fruit
branches, trunks, etc., and finally the sawdust is covered in the barrel, and
the smoke can be ignited after being ignited. The role.

Of course, if your orchard is limited in size, this method is not suitable
for your orchard. But we can recommend another method for you: set an orchards
antifrost candle
between every two trees. Anti-freeze wax burns for a long time,
so you can sleep at night. As a professional orchard anti frost candles
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