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How to prevent frost in winter is the most effective?

The annual temperature in winter and spring is low, and the management of
fruit trees must pay attention to the prevention of frost damage. There are
roughly three methods: physical methods, ecological methods, and chemical

The physical method is a method of directly freezing the fruit trees in the
winter and spring seasons to prevent freezing damage. The effect is more
significant. At present, most of the physical methods used by fruit farmers

1. Covering crop straws, leaves, etc. between fruit trees, which can not only
protect the grass, but also improve the ground temperature.

2. A film coating method in which the mulch film is laid within a diameter of
1 m around the fruit tree.

3. Before entering the winter, combine the winter ploughing to the root tree
for 15 cm of the soil.

4. Before the arrival of the big freeze, wrap the main stem, the main branch
with straw rope, or the tree wrapping method of baling the trunk.

5. Shake off the snow on the trees in time after heavy snowfall.

The ecological law is a method to improve the ecological environment of fruit
trees and prevent low temperature freezing damage through certain measures.

1. Irrigation and anti-freezing method The fruit trees are irrigated during
the “freezing and freezing” of the soil before freezing, which can not only
achieve winter water use, prevent spring drought, promote the growth and
development of fruit trees, but also store water in the water to keep the ground
temperature during the winter. Relatively stable, thus reducing frost

2. Fumigation antifreeze method This method should be adopted in the coldest
night in winter. The fuel is preferably sawdust, clam shells, and straw. Ignite
around 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, pay attention to control the fire,
it is appropriate to use dark smoke. Generally, there are 3 to 4 burning points
per acre orchard, so that the smoke completely covers the orchard. According to
the measurement, the fumigation method generally increases the temperature by 3
° C to 4 ° C.

3. Set a certain amount of anti frost candles to your orchard. Ignite them at
night and continue to burn until dawn. This is the most economical method, and
most orchard managers choose to use this method to protect fruit trees from

4. It can also be used to build windbreak forests to use windbreaks, improve
the microclimate of orchards, reduce wind speed, inhibit drought, and reduce
frost damage.

The chemical method is to artificially spray a chemical compound having a
certain function before freezing at low temperature, delaying the flowering
period of the fruit tree, increasing the concentration of the tree juice, and
the like, thereby enhancing the cold resistance. For example, spraying
naphthalene acetic acid solution in early spring can delay the flowering period
of the fruit tree for more than 5 days, thus avoiding the freezing damage.

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