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How to prevent the cold spring for fruit saplings?

The management techniques of fruit saplings in the four seasons of spring,
summer, autumn and winter are relatively different, especially in winter, pay
attention to the cold protection of fruit saplings, do not let the fruit
saplings suffer frost, leading to the death of fruit saplings, with the change
of climate, every year in the fruit saplings Flowering and fruiting periods have
different degrees of cold and cold, which cause great incalculable losses to the
majority of fruit farmers. So how to deal with the phenomenon of cold spring,
let us look at it.

1. Before the frost falls, use the color strips or cornstalks to form a 2-3m
high wind barrier at the upwind (or northwest or northeast) of the orchard to
block the low-level cold wave from entering the orchard.

2. You can use leaves, wood chips, wheat bran, etc. to smoke in the garden.
Put a coal ball core under each fruit tree seedling, put the core on two bricks,
put the invertibles such as corn kernels in the furnace, when the temperature in
the garden When the temperature drops to 0 °C, two or three briquettes are
placed in each furnace, so that the fire will continue for a long time and can
continue until 6-7 o'clock in the morning. The biggest advantage of the coal
stove is that it can improve the temperature in the garden 2 – 3 ° C, and the
temperature in the park is balanced and stable.

3. If you are not comfortable using the above methods of smoked in the
garden, you can hang the low temperature alarm in the park. When the temperature
drops to 1 °C or 0 °C, an anti-freeze alarm is announced. At this time, the
smoke is smoked and the coal ball furnace is started. This method can be
attributed to the first block, the second catch, and the third warming. That is,
the barrier is used to block the cold wave, the incineration fume smokes to
catch the cold wave, and the raw stove improves the temperature.

4. Of course, there are anti-freezing measures instead of fumigation:
antifrost candles. You can use antifrost candles like fumigation. As an orchards
antifrost candles factory
, our antifrost candles can be burned continuously for
at least 8 hours, which avoids step 3 above. Most orchard managers choose to use
antifrost candles because it is simple and effective.

The cold spring of fruit saplings needs special prevention and control. The
above methods to prevent cold springs hope to help everyone plant fruit trees
and improve the survival rate and fruit setting rate of fruit saplings.

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