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Measures to prevent the occurrence of cold spring

1. Irrigation and lowering the ground temperature

Pay attention to the weather forecast before and after flowering, and water
the ground before the cold current to lower the temperature, so that the
flowering period is delayed by 2~3 days, thus avoiding the cold.

2. Spraying lime water

25 to 30 days before the flowering of the fruit tree, spraying 1% (mass
fraction) of lime water can delay flowering for 3 to 5 days, and the flowering
period can be delayed to avoid the hazard.

3. Smoke and cold protection

Smoke and cold protection is one of the easiest and most convenient methods.
In the morning when the cold current comes, 2-3 hours, the wet firewood is lit
around the orchard. It is rare to see the smoke in the open fire, so that a
layer of smoke is formed above the orchard and kept rising to the sun. To avoid
the invasion of the cold current. It can also spray aerosols.

The method of fumigation: at least 5-6 piles of smoke per acre, evenly
distributed in various directions. The haystack is 1.5m high and the bottom
diameter is 1.5~1.7m. When the grass is piled up, several thick wooden sticks
are inserted and slanted. After the sputum is finished, it is taken out as a
venting hole, and the inflammable material is placed in the grass pile by the
hole. Covered with a layer of wet grass or wet mud, so that the amount of smoke
is sufficient and lasts for a long time; it can also be made into ammonium
nitrate by 2.5 parts of ammonium nitrate, 1 part of waste diesel, 6.5 parts of
sawdust, and waste diesel. The sawdust is evenly mixed and placed in an iron
drum to ignite. It is also effective to strengthen the tree management, watering
before flowering, laying grass on the ground, and spraying the 800-1000 times
liquid on the tree before flowering.

4. Spray chemicals and fertilizers before flowering

Before planting, the plant cell membrane steady-state agent such as
Tiantianda 2116, Phytophthora 863 enhancer and membranous amino acid series
micro-fertilizers such as Baolifeng can increase the toughness of the cell
membrane and improve the cold resistance of the tree. At the initial flowering
stage, spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate, amino acid calcium, borax, etc.,
can increase the cell liquid concentration of flower, young fruit and shoots,
enhance the anti-freezing ability, and at the same time have the effect of

5. Windproof method

A wind-proof barrier is set up at the tuyere of the orchard to protect the
tree from the bad weather such as cold weather and night frost, and to reduce
and reduce the occurrence of frost damage.

6. Covering method

Cover the fruit trees with plastic cloth, straw curtains, banquets, crepe
cloths, etc., retaining the scattered geothermal heat, blocking the invasion of
the external cold, thus reducing the frost. This method is most suitable for use
in young orchards or low dry dwarf trees.

7. Against frost candles to prevent cold

The cold will invade most areas. China vineyards antifrost candles will be
more effective and convenient than other methods. As experts in cold prevention
of fruit trees, we have helped many fruit trees to resist the cold. To this end,
more and more orchard managers are also sourcing our planned orchards antifreeze
for next year. Our transactions are getting more and more frequent,
which makes us more and more famous.

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