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Remedial measures after the occurrence of grape frost damage

1. Early irrigation and drainage

Irrigation should be carried out as soon as possible after thawing, speeding
up the thawing of deep soil, promoting soil warming, easing land drought and air
dryness, accelerating grape root activity, promoting new root germination,
absorbing and transferring water to the upper part of the tree; Arrange the
arrangement, maintain the soil moisture, reduce the physiological drought of the
vine caused by the freezing damage, and reduce the degree of freezing of the

2. Investigation of frost damage after germination

Investigate the frozen area and the degree of freezing of each variety, and
then take corresponding remedial measures according to the actual situation.

3. Management of frozen gardens

Differentiate the actual situation of the frozen vineyards and take
appropriate management measures. For the gardens with less frost damage, cut off
the frozen parts of the trees, select the sprouts that grow vigorously and
germination, and focus on cultivating them. For plants with heavier frozen
trees, combined with variety transformation, high-grain grafting or green branch
grafting; or new shoots germinated in the roots, preferably vigorously growing

4. Strengthen the prevention and prevention of pests and diseases

According to the actual conditions of various varieties and various pests and
diseases in each garden, rational use of drugs to reduce the occurrence of pests
and diseases.

5. Strengthen post management

It is necessary to strengthen the later management of the frozen garden
tablets, apply more phosphorus, potassium and calcium fertilizers; cultivate
robust branches, enhance the cold resistance and drought resistance of the
trees; reduce the load and promote the recovery of tree plants.

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