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Small against spring frost candles can protect vineyard

Vineyards are definitely the root of the winery for the winery, so in cold
weather, they generally use a variety of methods to protect the vineyard from
frost. In addition to some ancient traditional methods such as smoking and fans,
some wineries have their own unique methods.

The Waitrose Leckford Estate in Hampshire, England, uses a unique vineyard
antifreeze technology. In the middle of the night, there was a glimmer of light
in the vineyard. At first glance, it was thought to be an alien invasion, but in
fact these surreal and beautiful scenes were made up of 750 small anti frost
on the ground.

According to reports, these anti frost candles were carefully placed side by
side by the three staff in the open space of the vineyard, in order to raise the
temperature of the air in the vineyard and avoid frostbite vines in cold
weather. Although these small against spring frost candles only increase the air
temperature, this is enough to cause the air to flow and prevent the frost from
falling on the vines.

The vineyard covers an area of 4.6 hectares and is planted with Chardonnay,
Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. This creative move not only protects the precious
vineyards, but also adds a romantic touch to the entire vineyard.

It is reported that these grapes will be harvested at the arrival of the
harvest season this year. After three years of aging, the wines will be sold in
the Waitrose supermarket in 2018. Rebecca Hull, the wine buyer, said, "These
against spring frost candles play an important role in the growth of the grapes.
These high-quality grapes can produce fine sparkling wines. Thanks to the
vineyard growers and Thanks to the hard work of the winemakers, our wines have
gained a reputation."

For frost, there are now places where vineyards have established wireless
automatic weather stations to monitor the vineyards around the clock. If frost
occurs, the system will alert the manager at any time. There are also vineyards
equipped with orchard heaters and hair dryers such as Napa.

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