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The best way to prevent freezing of fruit trees during flowering

There are four types of anti-freezing methods that are effective in the
flowering period of fruit trees. They can spit out the trunk, reduce the
absorption of the sun's light intensity, and slowly increase the temperature of
the tree body, or apply water to lower the temperature of the ground soil. Smoke
can also be used to raise the temperature of the garden in frosty weather. It
can also be sprayed with chemicals, and it can be operated in the cold and night

1. The trunk is painted white

Everyone on the road often sees that the fruit trees on both sides of the
street will be painted white. This is not to kill the insects, but to freeze the
fruit trees. White is a light color system, which can reduce the absorption of
the sun's light intensity by the tree body, so that the tree body maintains a
slowly rising temperature state, and will not be frostbitten by the cold

2. Apply moisture

The application of water to the fruit trees before the flowering period of
the fruit trees can significantly reduce the soil temperature, delay the flower
bud period of the fruit trees, and delay the germination and flowering of the
fruit trees. After the ground temperature is lowered, even if the cold spring is
coming, there will be no freezing damage to the fruit trees due to the sudden
temperature drop.

3. Smoke method

The smoking method in the orchard can reduce the radiation emission of soil
heat and increase the temperature of the land in the garden. Like a long cold
winter or frosty morning, let the smoke piles smoldering and burning, producing
dense smoke, covering the entire orchard, thus reducing the damage.

4. Ignite anti frost candles

Ignition of anti frost candles is the easiest way to prevent freezing. It is
to prepare an appropriate amount of anti frost candles around the fruit trees to
ignite the anti frost candles when the cold weather arrives. Our anti frost
candles can burn for more than 8 hours, which is our advantage.

anti frost candles

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