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How to protect fruit trees in winter?

1. Deeply turning the soil to enhance root permeability, watering and

Before entering the winter, the soil of the orchard should be deep-turned
first. Loose soil also has better permeability to the roots of the trees, and
can also pull out some pests in the soil. The soil can be loosened by applying
organic fertilizer to the fruit trees. It is necessary to pour antifreeze water
before the soil is frozen, which can reduce the risk of freezing damage to the
roots of the fruit trees due to drought in winter.

2. The orchard clear garden, trees, white antifreeze, pest control

Before entering the winter every year, after the leaves of the fruit trees
fall, the orchard should first be cleared to the orchard, and the dead leaves
and leaves in the fruit garden should be cleaned up and destroyed. This is also
a measure to prevent pests and diseases. In addition, it is not necessary to
whiten the trunk of the fruit tree. Whitening the fruit tree can not only
prevent freezing, but also kill some pests.

3. The winter trim is at the time.

After entering the winter, at very low temperatures, the fruit trees enter a
dormant period. At this time, it is a good time to prun the fruit trees. First,
this season is relatively leisurely, there is more abundant working time, and
second, the fruit trees are well prepared. Plastic surgery, cut off some long
branches, cross branches, etc., to enhance the permeability of fruit trees.

The above are the basic methods for wintering of fruit trees. If it is a
newly planted small fruit tree, it can be used to prevent the freezing of grass
trunks and grass ropes, or to use as a windproof wall in the north side of the
orchard, so as to increase the temperature. Good effect of antifreeze.

Cold winter is a big test for fruit growers. Fruit trees are very susceptible
to low temperature freezing during their young age. The shoots and shoots are
extremely vulnerable to damage, and the whole plant may be scrapped. At the same
time, various virus bacterial pests choose to crouch in litter, weeds, careless
prevention and control, spring comes, it is easy to cause fruit trees to rot,
flow gum and other branches.

Generally speaking, the most common one is to apply a protective film on the
dried fruit branches, and use lime, sulfur powder, vegetable oil and water to
make a whitening agent to evenly coat the trunk and main branches of the fruit
tree. There is also the need to apply base fertilizer before the arrival of the
winter, to enhance the ability to resist cold. The most effective way is to set
the anti-freeze candles for the fruit tree. This method is simple and effective.
You only need to stock a sufficient amount of anti-freeze candles before the
cold winter arrives, and then evenly arrange them in the orchard on a cold
winter night. If you are not sure about the specific separation distance, please
feel free to contact us. As a professional antifreeze candles factory, we have
sold our anti-freeze candles all over the world. Our ultimate goal is to hope
that more orchards will be protected from cold disasters.

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