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The ways to resist cold and freeze in orchard

Due to the change of climate, almost every year, when fruit trees bloom and fruit set, there are different degrees of “cold spring”, which causes incalculable losses to the majority of fruit farmers. 2017, our local fruit farmers began to explore the cold-resistant and anti-freezing methods of orchards that ignited anti frost candles in the orchard with the guidance and achieved good results. According to the survey and analysis, this method can also be promoted and applied in the apple orchard.

The specific approach is:

1. Before the frost comes, use the color tarpaulin or corn stalk to form a 2-3m high wind barrier at the upwind (or northwest or northeast) of the orchard to block the low-level cold current from entering the orchard.

2. Use leaves, wood chips, wheat bran, etc. to smoke in the garden.

3. Put against frost candles under each tree. When the temperature in the garden drops to 0 °C, ignite the antifreeze candle. The anti-frost candle burns for a long time and lasts until 6-7 o'clock in the morning. The biggest advantage of antifreeze candles is that the temperature in the garden can be increased by 2-3 °C, and the temperature in the garden is balanced and stable.

4. The low temperature alarm is suspended in the park. When the temperature drops to 1 °C or 0 °C, an anti-freeze alarm is issued, and the antifreeze candle is re-ignited.

If these steps will be done, the output of the orchard will increase a lot. We believe that the market for China vineyards antifrost candles will become wider and wider.

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