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Why is the fruit tree frozen to death?

Why is the fruit tree frozen to death? Have you done these antifreeze

With the continuous deterioration of the climatic environment in recent
years, especially the extreme cold weather in winter in some areas has brought
severe challenges to the management of orchards. So, in the extremely cold
environment, what should we do to make the orchard survive the winter smoothly
and safely?

Effective measures to improve the anti-freezing ability of fruit trees:

1. Pouring the winter water of the orchard, maintaining the proper soil water
content, improving the buffering capacity of the orchard to low temperature,
creating a good orchard microclimate, and the time of pouring the winter water
is before freezing.

2. The trunk is painted white, the whitening of the trunk can not only play
the role of cold and frost resistance, but also play the role of sterilization
and pest control. The ratio of the whitening agent with better effect is: [1
part of copper sulfate + 3 parts of quicklime + 0.5 part of salt + 0.25 part of
hot lard + 15 parts of water], for the area where the winter hare is seriously
damaged in individual areas, it can be painted white. Add 3 parts of animal
blood to the agent, and the effect of preventing the hare is good.

3. For places that are particularly cold in winter, measures such as
trunking, straw wrapping, plastic film and other cold-proof materials can be
used to improve cold resistance.

4. Between the rows of soil mounds, the most vulnerable parts of the tree is
the roots, if there is cold winter gas, the roots should be buried with soil, in
the orchard line to cultivate a 40-50 cm square mound, the cold effect is very
good .

5. Choosing cold-resistant rootstocks, it is the key to choose cold-resistant
rootstocks according to the local climate before planting. For example, it is
suitable for rootstocks KM23, B9 and base anvils in the northwest and southwest
cold highlands to fundamentally improve cold and frost resistance.

6. Ignite the antifreeze candles to the orchard so that the fruit trees are
not affected by the cold at night. The antifrost candles is the most important
way to protect the orchard.

Improving the cold-proof and anti-freezing ability of the orchard requires
comprehensive technical measures to support it. Every effort is made to improve
the tree and scientific and effective additional cold-proof measures to let your
fruit trees survive the cold winter. The long-lasting creation of high benefits
is achievable.

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