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Prevent frost damage for orchard

Spring night cream often causes different degrees of harm to the safe
production of apples, pears, peaches, plums, apricots, cherries and other fruit
trees. It is one of the common natural disasters in fruit industry production.
Therefore, active and effective measures should be taken to prevent fruit trees
from suffering from low temperature night frost damage.

1. Delay sprouting and avoid frost.

Orchard irrigation: It is expected that the garden will be filled with water
before the arrival of frost, and the characteristics of large water and heat
capacity will increase the frost resistance of the orchard.

The tree is painted white or sprayed with white: the trunk of the early
spring, the main branches are white or the whole tree is sprayed white to
reflect the sunlight, slowing down the temperature rise of the tree, and
delaying the sprouting and flowering of the flower buds.

2. Sprinkling water in the orchard to prevent frost: Before or after the
strong cold air, the orchard continuously sprays water, which can effectively
alleviate the temperature drop of the orchard and better prevent frost.

3. The orchard smokes the smoke and prevents frost. Before the frost comes,
use sawdust, wheat bran, broken straw or weeds cleared in the winter clearing
garden to alternately accumulate as fuel, stack the thin layer of soil after
stacking; or use 2 parts of ammonium nitrate, 7 parts of sawdust 1 part of the
diesel oil is fully mixed, packed in a paper tube, and a moisture-proof film is
applied to ignite the smoke. The smoke stack is placed at the upper vent of the
orchard, generally 4-6 piles per acre orchard (the size and number of the smoke
pile depends on the frost intensity and duration); the smoke time generally
begins at 10 pm to 3 am the next day ( When the temperature is close to the low
temperature threshold that the flower organs or young fruits can tolerate, the
smoke pile should be ignited in time. It is better to use dark smoke to make the
smoke diffuse throughout the orchard, and the smoke can be stopped until sunrise
in the morning. This method can slow down the gathering of cold ground in the
orchard near the ground, slow down the cooling and cooling process, and increase
the heat in the near-surface air. It is a time-saving, labor-saving, simple and
effective measure to prevent frost in the orchard.

4. Cover the orchard and prevent frost. Covering tree trays (or whole
orchards) with organic materials such as straw, branches, weeds, and orchard
coatings can reduce effective radiation on the ground and prevent frost. The
fruit tree nursery is frost-proof and can be directly covered on the seedling

5. The most effective measure for antifreeze in orchards is to add against
frost candles
to the orchard. The against frost candles we produce can burn for
more than 8 hours at night. This not only guarantees the quality of your sleep,
but also increases the yield of the orchard. If you are interested in our
against spring frost candles, please feel free to contact us.

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