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About the antifreeze method you don’t know

mobile wind turbine

We took them out in April and opened them on alert.

Principle: Same as fixed tower, but only protect 3ha. Effective temperature down to -3°C.

Advantages: Cheaper than stationary wind turbines, less visual pollution.

Disadvantage: Ineffective at wind speeds over 8 km/h and against "radiant" frost or dark frost. need to store them.

Cost: 3 hectares for an investment of 30,000 euros, i.e. 1,000 euros/ha + 100 euros/ha operating costs.

hot air convector

Also known as "heat guns" or "freeze busters," these heaters run on gas. It can be used in combination with wind turbines.

Principle: They distribute hot air and protect about 0.5ha at temperatures as low as -3°C.

Advantages: Effective against all types of frost and suitable for plots with landscape interruptions.

Disadvantages: loud noise, reduced efficiency at wind speeds > 10 km/h.

Cost: Cost €7,000, i.e. €1,400/ha + operating costs €300/ha.

Fixed antifreeze tower

They are installed in vineyards year-round, run by electric motors and protect small islands of 5 hectares.

Rationale: Normalize temperature by mixing layers of warm air at higher altitudes with layers of cold air at ground level. Effective to -4°C.

Lighting anti-frost candles around the vines is a fairly simple method. They emit heat that warms the atmosphere for about 12 hours. 400 candles are required per hectare. This is the most common technique. Tabo's anti-frost candles are of good quality and low prices. welcome your inquiries!

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