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Winter and spring fruit trees antifreeze measures

1. Irrigation antifreeze water

Preserving anti-freezing water before winter, and re-injecting green water
during spring, is conducive to improving the water condition of the tree,
buffering the temperature difference of the orchard and the change of air
humidity caused by sudden changes in climate in winter and spring.

2. Painted white

Use salt 1kg + quicklime 3.5 ~ 5kg + 45kg of water to form a salt lime
emulsion, whitening the trunk, reduce the absorption of solar energy by the
tree, and delay the sprouting of the tree.

3. Spraying

Before the germination of the fruit trees, spray 0.25% to 0.5% of potassium
naphthaleneacetate solution on the branches to inhibit flower bud germination
and improve cold resistance;

Before the spring cold and night frost come, spray 0.3%~0.6% potassium
dihydrogen phosphate solution on the sprouting fruit tree to enhance the cold
resistance of the flower.

4. Coated tree antifreeze

Apply a protective film of the drug (such as carboxymethyl cellulose) to the
surface of the tree to reduce the loss of water in the branches.

5. Plastic film cover

Before or after the winter, around the tree tray, cover the mulch around 1 to
2 square meters and bury the membrane with soil to reduce the evaporation of
water in the roots and increase the soil temperature.

6. Set up wind barriers

Before entering the winter, make an arc-shaped windproof wall with a length
of 1 to 1.5 m from the trunk side of the tree on the windward side to reduce the
damage of the cold wind to the rhizome.

7. The whole garden paving film

After the Qingyuan Garden, the whole garden is covered with mulch, so that it
can not only prevent freezing, protect the pupa, promote early tree growth,
control weeds, but also increase the yield of fruit trees and raise the morning

8. The whole park ignited orchards antifrost candles

The premise of this approach is that orchard managers are required to keep an
eye on weather changes. And buy enough orchards antifrost candles one year in
advance. Please contact us at any time for the specific rules for the use of
orchards antifrost candles.

orchards antifrost candles

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