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Seven methods of wintering in orchards

1. Feeding enough fat

Before the cold air strikes, when the root absorption capacity is strong, the
use of the base fertilizer must be done well. The base fertilizer can choose
organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, etc., and can use the quick-acting
water-soluble fertilizer such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium according to
the actual situation. The base fertilizer can ensure that the tree has
sufficient storage nutrients, so that the fruit trees can not be hungry during
the winter, and the ability to resist the external environment is enhanced, so
that freezing damage is not easy.

2. Pouring enough water

The water here is not the water that we usually dry or the other trees are
water-pollution, but the anti-freezing water. You can know the purpose of
hearing the word. Specifically, the anti-freezing water is through the gap
between the soil. Through the cold weather, etc., the road that infiltrate the
cold air into the soil is blocked, which creates a warm environment for the root
growth of the plant.

3. Wear thick shoes

The shoes here refer to the root piles. The principle and purpose are similar
to those of anti-freeze water. It should be noted that when the roots are piled
up, they should be compacted without leaving gaps to prevent the cold air from
being drilled. The height of the soil can be 15-20 cm, because the occurrence of
freezing damage occurs more than 40 cm below the root neck.

4. Wearing thick coat

To put it bluntly, it is to use straw, straw, and hay to help the trunk of
the fruit tree, and to increase the thickness of the trunk to prevent the cold,
which is the same as the effect of our cold clothes.

5. Painted frost

There are sunscreens for human summer sun protection and "baby cream" for
winter cold, and the tree is no exception. We can use the way of whitening the
trunk to achieve the effect of cold resistance. At the same time, the whitening
agent can also play the role of killing the tree and the tree.

6. Put a good hat

Here, it is mainly used for some evergreen fruit trees, such as citrus, which
are covered with a non-woven fabric, a plastic film, a sunshade net, etc. to
achieve the purpose of resisting cold. However, it should be noted that when the
temperature is too high during the day, when it is more than 5 degrees Celsius,
it will be opened and covered at night.

7. Ignite the fire

When we were cold, we were surrounded by fire, and fruit trees could do the
same. Specifically, in the winter evening, the China vineyards antifrost candles prepared in advance is ignited around the fruit trees to increase the
temperature of the orchard.

China vineyards antifrost candles

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