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Anti-freezing measures for citrus fruit trees

In order to prevent sudden low temperature and cold wave, try to reduce the
degree of freezing damage of citrus, and the following measures can be taken to
prevent freezing of citrus in winter.

1. Choose a suitable microclimate environment for the construction of the
park: The saplings in the hilly slopes should be selected from the south slope
of the sheltered sun; the flat garden should be built with windbreaks in the
east, north and west of the orange garden. The wind-proof forest can be used for
evergreen trees such as citron and privet.

2. Timely application of base fertilizer: The time of citrus application of
base fertilizer should be completed locally from late October to mid-November.
Too early to promote the late autumn bud, consumption of nutrients to reduce the
cold resistance of the tree, too late due to low temperature is not conducive to
root wound healing.

3. Irrigation in the garden: Enter the citrus in the garden in the middle and
late November, and start to irrigate the soil in the garden without rain.
According to the weather forecast, refill the water once every 3-5 days before
the cold wave.

4. Suppressing steaming heat preservation agent: spray the whole canopy once
every 5-7 days before the cold air comes with 200 times of steaming and heat
preservation agent. Repeat the spray immediately after the cold wave.

5. Crown cover: When the minimum temperature drops below zero, the canopy is
covered with a non-woven fabric or plastic film. When the cold wave turns fine,
the cover can be uncovered when the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius, and
the frost is covered at night. In the case of conditions permit, simple plastic
greenhouse insulation can be built before the end of November.

6. Remove snow from the canopy: When encountering heavy snow, shake the
canopy branches in time to shake off the snow on the canopy to prevent the snow
from breaking the branches.

7. Ground lime: When the night is clear after snow, the acres in the orange
garden are sprinkled with 50-100 kg of granular lime. Quicklime can increase the
temperature in the garden by decomposing the emitted gas and reduce the harm of
radiation cooling.

8. Foliar spray fertilizer: After the cold wave, choose sunny noon (between
10 am and 3 pm) to spray water once every 1-2 days, for 5-6 times. Spray 0.3%
urea and 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution once every 7 days or so
for 3-4 times. Reduce the citrus to restore the tree potential after dehydration
and leaf fertilization after freezing.

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