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Orchard antifreeze should be timely

Recently, affected by strong cold air, there will be rain and snow in many
places. Under the influence of this cold current, fruit tree growth will be
seriously affected. When the temperature is too low, the water in the fruit
trees is frozen in the interstitial space, causing physiological damage to the
plant tissue. After the frostbite of the tree, it is easily infected by the
pathogen, and then the germ spreads, which damages other healthy cells and
parts, causing secondary harm and inducing disease. Therefore, winter orchard
antifreeze measures are the focus of management.

Orchard managers should take measures such as supplementing nutrition,
preventing pests and diseases to enhance their resistance, and adopt measures
such as tree binding, fumigation, whitening, and antifreeze to prevent freezing
damage. After the occurrence of freezing damage, it should be remedied by
pruning, nourishing, spraying, etc., and finally achieve the purpose of safe
wintering of the fruit trees.

We are a professional anti freeze candles factory in China. Our customers buy
a large amount of antifreeze candles every year to prevent sudden cold weather.
This not only indicates that more and more orchard managers choose to use
antifreeze candles to prevent fruit tree damage, but also that the quality of
our antifreeze candles is no problem. We not only sell to Chinese people, but
also help orchard managers around the world to get out of the woods and lead
them to use new antifreeze candles methods to increase orchard production.

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