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Fruit tree antifreeze 7 strokes

1. The ash and wood ash contains various nutrients such as phosphorus,
potassium, calcium and silicon. The heat absorption and heat preservation effect
is good, and the ground soil can be loosened, which can provide a large amount
of nutrients for the fruit trees. However, orchards in saline-alkali orchards
and soils with a pH greater than 8 are not suitable for application.

2. The heat capacity of winter irrigation of fruit trees is much larger than
that of soil, which can play the role of summer cooling and winter insulation.
Before the large freezing, the winter water is given to the fruit trees to keep
the soil moist, which can increase the soil heat capacity, stabilize and
increase the ground temperature.

3. The roots of the trees are cultivated for the cold winter, and the roots
of the trees are cultivated to prevent the cold wind from invading and the roots
from freezing damage. The effect is very good. It is best to use moist soil for
bauxite. Because of the good insulation performance of moist soil, bauxite is
best with a thickness of 20-25 cm.

4. The orchard cover practice proves that the wheat straw, straw and other
crop straws are cut short, and the whole garden or row is covered with 10-15 cm
thick, which makes the cold wind difficult to invade, reduces the evaporation
and loss of water, and increases the antifreeze effect.

5. The trunk is wrapped around the trunk of the fruit tree with a straw rope,
or the trunk is tied with a straw. This is equivalent to putting a cotton jacket
on the trunk of the fruit tree to keep warm.

6. When the snow is shaken, the heavy snow will increase the frost damage of
the fruit trees. The snow should be shaken off in time, and the snow should be
piled up to the roots of the fruit trees. The snow should be shielded from the
wind and the soil should be protected from snow. At the same time, it can also
play a role in relieving the spring drought.

7. Ignite anti frost candles. As a professional orchards anti freeze candles
, our anti frost candles can burn for more than 8 hours on cold nights.
We have received emails from customers. They told us that since use our anti
frost candles
, the output of the orchard has increased by 10% compared to other
measures. We are very happy and sincerely wish that their output will getting
better and better.

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