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Ignite antifreeze candles on the farm

On the farm, the reporter saw that the shed was reinforced and covered with
two layers of film. Although the outdoor temperature was only 1 °C, when the
reporter opened the door of the dragon fruit greenhouse, a heat wave hit the
surface. In the greenhouse, the reporter found that each ridge dragon fruit
covered with a black mulch, and some antifrost candles holders were placed on
each ridge. "The weather is cold. At night, we put these antifrost candles on
the antifreeze." Wang Fuliang said that the red heart dragon fruit is warm and
heat-resistant, but not cold-resistant. Below 3 °C is the lowest temperature
that dragon fruit can withstand, otherwise it will be frozen and difficult to
produce. Knowing that there will be low temperature weather, Wang Fuliang
decisively took measures to prevent cold and freeze, and purchased a large
number of antifreeze candle holders and plastic film to warm the dragon fruit
greenhouse. "As long as the temperature does not continue to drop, the dragon
fruit will pass through the low temperature."

While farmers are actively doing measures to prevent cold and freeze, the
livestock, agricultural, agricultural, forestry and other units in the region
have arranged more than 80 technical experts, and actively go to the countryside
to check the agricultural parks, cooperatives and other fields, and keep abreast
of the dynamics. At present, the crops in the area under the jurisdiction of the
area are not affected by the cold weather and the growth is good.

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